The Australian Lash Open Awards


Behind every successful person, there’s a lot of unsuccessful years. Success is your journey, not your destination.

Welcome to the Australian Lash Open Awards.
Please remember, that everyone is a winner, you just haven’t been recognized yet.
7 categories are destined by judges, industry professionals who have the ability to fairly evaluate the strengths, qualifications and weeknesses for the eligibility of each nominee.
7 categories are of that kind, that would be impossible to judge.
Each and everyone in this category would be a worthy winner,
they have simply been recognized for what they do in everyday life,
the battle they fight daily, and to find a winner, we decided to allow their followers find the strongest story.
Let the games begin!

JUDGED Categories:
Commercial Lash Salon
Home Lash Salon
Online Course
Comprehensive curriculum
Lash Educator
Most incredible lash story

VOTED Categories:
Team Member
Lash Hubby
Lash Boss
Lash Comp online
Lash Media
Lash Event
Lash Brand

Nominations will open 1 July 2021

Award Winners
Lash Open 2020

The Australian Lash Open 2020 was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic which sparked the whole world to go on a lockdown the same weekend we were hosting Lash Open.
Devastatated, we decded to still draw our winners.

Congratulations to the winners of The Australian Lash Open Awards, 2020.

Lash Boss of the year
Winner – Kate Mc Lachlan
2nd – Jennifer Lay
3rd – Karen Jounquay

Watch finalist video

Commercial Salon of the year
Winner – Pixie Lash Artistry
2nd – LPL Studio & Academy
3rd – Lashes on point

Educator of the year
Winner – Kimberley Haworth
2nd – Amy Foxe
3rd – Heather Footitt
3rd – Aimee Paananen (shared)

Lash Story of the year
Winner – Sera Jane Love

Best Online Course 2020
Winner – MYSTIQ Lash Academy
2nd – Lash Vision Academy

Best Home Lash Salon 2020
Winner – Kathryn Leeman
2nd – Rhozheina Edmonds
3rd – Sera Jane Love

Lash Boss of the year 2020

Lash Boss of the year is someone who has shown incredible leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and creating unique opportunities for her team, customers and followers. Lash Boss owns it! But is also humble, understanding and leading others is second nature.

Mumpreneur of the year 2020


She is a mother, she is a business owner and inspiring leader, she finds time beyond the 24 hours of a day, and is somewhat a superhuman. She is not just the mum of her own children, she is an influencer in many channels, and has incredible sense of finding solutions on all sorts of problems.

Team member of the year 2020


Congratulations to our finalists for the Team Member of the year award.
Watch their videos below, read their motivations, and click vote to nominate your winner.

Lash Hubby of the year 2020

 The winning Lash Hubby of the year is a person who should be recognised for his passion and support for his partner/wife, someone who is an equal part in the running of the lash business and home life, and together they make a great team.

Favorite Lash Brand 2020

The winner of the Favorite Lash Brand of the year has shown great industry leadership, innovation and unique thinking. Their values shines through the company in everything they do.

Favorite Lash Event 2020