“Client-Getting” workshop and online course


Live at the Australian Lash Open 2020

You thought you learned the hardest part, doing lashes. But no-one taught you HOW customization possibilities can get you a steady stream of awesome clients.

“No point in knowing lashes if you have no clients!”

Social media can be a lot of work but it’s also the biggest factor when it comes to getting more clients (apart from word of mouth of course -but that only happens when you HAVE clients in the first place)
Have you tried Facebook and Instagram posts or even ads that don’t reach enough potential customers, waste your money and all in all seem way too techie? Social media can be a mind field, and a money pit if you don’t know what you are doing.

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Here is a hard fact for you:
Organic reach on social media is at its all time low.
And those clients or potential clients we want to reach, don’t see anything or very little of what we are posting.
The way we market online is changing fast right now and what worked in 2019 won’t work as easily in 2020 and if you don’t change with the times you will be left holding tweezers, not money!
This is why we have come together and brainstormed an amazing course that will help you in all areas of getting more clients and making more sales. And we have created this specifically for the Australian Lash Open.
We have taken the guess work out of getting clients, and are giving it to you on.

What is it?

The Secret of Success

A one time, 3 hour, hands-on “Client-Getting” workshop, which includes:
A bespoke learning opportunity like never before.

We only have 20 spots available, so grab your spot while you can.
Julia’s and BOSS’s workshops are usually $2497 for 1 day.
This is a one-off opportunity.

3 Business Wizards

Julia Mann from Lash Tribe, Dee and Steve Moore from BOSS.

Bots that work

Facebook Messenger Bots and messenger marketing that actually works

Facebook group

Free Facebook Group to answer all of your questions for another 2 weeks, after the event is over.

Email marketing tips

 (Including how to set up Mail chimp and we will send out an email!)


Facebook and Instagram strategies that will fill your books in 2020.


-“Client-Getting” Workbook.
-“there are no dumb questions”- Q&A session.

More Bonuses..

In this interactive workshop you will be learning strategies to attract more customers on Facebook and Instagram and actually get them booked in without trying to hard to sell to them.
We will be implementing on the spot, so that you will have at least 1 booking by the end of the day.
Bring your laptop to work alongside our Social Media Experts Julia Mann from Lash Tribe and get a helping hand from our guest trainers, Dee and Steve Moore from ” BOSS” and see how to implement our “Client-Getting” strategies in your business today

Get Lash Tribe’s personal social media posting schedule that helped create multiple 7-figures in the last 4 years, receive a step by step workbook to follow along, as well as access to pre-created social media graphics, that you simply have to copy and paste.

BONUS: VIP Access to “Client-Getting” -Online course, with life-time access, so you can continue to get clients even after the workshop is over. (We cannot possibly fit everything into 1x 3 hour class. )

Julia’s and BOSS’s workshops are usually $2497 for 1 day. This is a once off opportunity.

We only have 20 spots available , so grab your spot while you can.

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