Lash Open LIVE Championship


Guidelines and rules – Classic/Volume


• Stickies- no lashes sticking together or baby lashes stuck to extensions. • Blending, no cross-over lashes. • Attachment of lash extensions without lifting bases. • 100% Coverage. • Weight suitability to natural lashes. • All extensions to sit on an even distance from the eyelid; 0.5-1mm. • No visible redness or irritation of the eye.

• Clean work – no makeup, excess glue on lashes or pen marks on skin.

• Sterile work conditions, floor judges will check that accurate infection control is applied. • De-tacking of tape on skin not accepted. • Clean eye patches. Judges will check that adhesive has not been dabbed on eyepads. • Correct cleansing routine prior to application.

Volume Categories (pre-made/russian)

• 0.05 to 0.07 diameter fiber only to be used. • 0.05 – max 6d, 0.06 – max 5d, 0,07 – max 4d fans. • Attachment of fans without lifting or bulky bases, and bases accurately wrapped to the natural hair. • Hand Made category; all fans to be hand made at time of application. No double dipping in adhesive allowed. • Pre made category; only pre-approved fans are to be used. No visible adhesive or bulky bases.


• Overall look and design to suit the eye and face shape. • Direction/straight lines. • Symmetric outer line gradually blended lashes. • Shorter diameters inner and outer corners. • Lengths – suitable for models lashes. • Mixing of thickness, length and curls are encouraged. • Uniqueness, choice of model and innovative styling may give extra points.


• Any variance of PBT fiber extensions are accepted. • Brown and Black extensions accepted. • Black or clear Cyanoacrylate based adhesive. • All products are to be accurately labelled according to Australian standards.

Classic category

 0.10 to 0.15 diameter fiber only to be used.

Qualification/ experience level

Purchase your ticket. Then you will need to submit your certificate and date of completion of training.

This will determine which level of experience you will be competing in. For the Australian and New Zealand residents you can also enter the free state challenge competition. 1. Purchase ticket2. Submit more info

Rules/guidelines for Lash Lift

The first Live Lash Lift competition in Australia! It will be held behind closed doors and judging will be blind, which means no one will know you did that particular model.

How to get top score

•Kit on table when prompted. •Arrive on time wear a face mask •Tidy station •Hair tightened or pinned back •Wait for timer before starting •Sterile work conditions, accurate infection control •No excessive or unnecessary talking •No de-tacking tape on own skin •No using of fingers on clients lashes or to move lashes around •If model tearing, wipe or dry •Comfortable taping •Re-sanitise hands after touching clothes, hair, light •No touching phone during the competition •Open when promted •Use safe techniques •Put down tools when instructed


•General overall impression with open eyes •General overall impression with closed eyes •Symmetry between both eyes •Direction •Separation (fluffy clean appearance not clumped together with product) •Seamless curvature (overall) •Adhesive residue on lashes/skin •Colouring/tinting – coverage of all lashes including lower lashes •Tint stain on the skin Inner/outer corner lashes (smoothness of the curvature)

What’s your game?

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Classic Lash Extensions 19/3-2022

Classic 1:1 application. Registration: 7.30am Time: 9-11.30am  learn more

Volume Categories 19-20/3-2022

19/3 Hand made 3-6d application. Registration: 8am Time: 12.30-4pm 20/3 Pre Made 3-4d application Registration: 8am Time: 9am-12pm  learn more

Lash Lift 20/3-2022

Lash Lift Registration: 8am Time: 1-3pm  learn more

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