Varny Clay – Lashes NewPlymouth

Varny Clay – Lashes NewPlymouth

March 5, 2020 0

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Super grateful to not only be nominated but be a finalist for “Mumpreneur Of The Year”, “ Lash Boss of the Year” & “ Educator of the Year” . A Huge thank you to everyone that has and continues to support , our team & business on our Lash Journey –  we appreciate you xx

As a mum of 3 little ones under 5 & a man child lol ,like most mums I do what I do firstly to support and provide for my family and also because I have a genuine passion for lashes .

Lashes has provided both my family & team with so many opportunities and to me it’s not about the “money” , it’s not about the  “followers” it’s about creating and providing “opportunities” for the people I love (my family/team & friends) doing something that I love (being a Lash Specialist & Educator ) .

Like most working mums , mum guilt is real lol , which has definitely been a struggle at times.

To meet the expectations of the business & also to be a present and active mum is hard . In the same breath I could not have done it without the support and love of my team – they are absolute legends,  who i can always trust will always do the right thing for our clients and our business .

I’ve  come to realise that I shouldn’t apologise for being a working mum . Hard work , passion & persistence are amazing traits to teach our children , so I have learnt to embrace that and made my kids & team very involved and aware of where hard work takes you .  So much so that we are bringing all the kids (give me strength lol ) & my entire team from NZ to the Australian Lash Open,  as I want them to experience what success looks like and get hungry for what the Lash Industry & World can offer to those that work hard .

Again , super appreciative to be a finalist and thank you in advance to anyone that votes for me – appreciate it xx

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