Mikhaila Vergel De Dios – Vixen Lashes

Mikhaila Vergel De Dios – Vixen Lashes

March 2, 2020 0

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“How much do you want it?” This is the driving force to my mumpreneurship.

Having just given birth to my son Finn in 2018 at a young age of 19, I was lost and did not know what I wanted to do with my life until I realized that it is not just my life now but also this little boy’s life and I knew right there and then that I had to do something – something that I want enough to sustain us for the next few months at the least.  I had no money and no job, what I had though was more precious – I had my family and my partner supporting me and I have Finn.

Because of Finn I wanted to succeed in life, I want to provide him with all his needs and more. With the help of my parents looking after the little one, I was able to practice my craft and excel in it.

The early days of Vixen Lashes started in a studio unit underneath my parent’s home where the table was at arm’s length to my baby’s crib. Because of perseverance, love of what I do, and support of people who believed in me and my craft I was able to open up my own home studio and recently a commercial studio in Milton.

Always moving forward, I became an ambassador for Lash Hut Australia and will be expanding Vixen Lashes to provide more services in the near future, all these in the last 2 years, and all because I wanted it so much for Finn.

To be the “Mumpreneur of the year” would be a culmination of all my hard work of blood, sweat and tears since I started my journey as a lash technician but more importantly the lifelong journey of being a mum.

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