Michael Johns – V.A. Beauty

Michael Johns – V.A. Beauty

February 26, 2020 0

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Behind every successful hubby is an amazing wife, and on this occasion, I was lucky enough to be nominated for Lash Hubby of the Year. While some may think it is due to me having natural lashes over 14mm long #lashman, I like to think my recognition is due to the ongoing support for my wife as she continues to be the CEO & Boss Lash Lady she was born to be.

My support over the years has included encouraging Viv to change her career to becoming a lash artist and leaving behind her nine years of teaching. It was sacrificing a bedroom and helping create a studio in our house. It was welcoming strangers (customers) into our house and having small talk before their lash appointments. It was cooking every night so when Viv finished work she had a hot dinner ready to eat. It was grabbing lunch on the weekends or an early morning coffee and giving it to Viv to allow her more time in her day. It was managing all of the bookkeeping month in, month out to ensure the records are up to date. It was finding a proper accountant to set the business up for growth. It was letting Viv test her techniques and new products on me before paid customers. It was being there to listen to my wife after a tough day whether it was painful customers, challenging humidity or poor aftercare. It was reaffirming…We are a team #VABeauty.

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