Kristina Hacon, Eloquent Eyes

Kristina Hacon, Eloquent Eyes

February 21, 2020 0

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Hi, I’m Kristina Hacon, Senior Lash and Brow Stylist at Eloquent Eyes. I am friendly, outgoing and dedicated to my Salon and my Team!

Being part of a cohesive Team is extremely important to me.  My aim and that of my Team is to create a fabulous experience and to provide outstanding customer service and treatments for our Clients.   In order to achieve this, we work in a close team environment that is supportive, encouraging and energetic.  And as a result, our Clients are really happy and love us!

Although we have no hierarchy, I lead by example.  I follow salon procedures, (opening, closing, cleaning, client consultation, etc) to ensure in the smooth running of the salon.

I support my Team by offering advice and technical information should they need assistance with a difficult client, or backup support for problematic lashes, or other treatments.  I genuinely care about my Team members and provide support if they are stressed or anxious, chatting to their clients or helping with their treatments in order to relieve any tensions.  As a result of this, my Team members perform to the highest standard because they know they have my support.

I communicate via our Facebook page, sending motivational clips or advice, funny memes, to further enhance our strong team connections.  I am constantly improving my skill level, whether it be lash styling, technique or personal relationships and share this with my team.

I have input in planning and setting objectives such as Team incentives, social evenings or client care.

I am currently winning our Team Walking Challenge, a fun activity I arranged that even our clients are now keen to participate!

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