Keilah Sauni – Lash Fame

Keilah Sauni – Lash Fame

March 2, 2020 1

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I had my first baby when I was 19, she changed my life! I knew the minute she was born I wanted her to grow up and be proud of me.

Over the past 10 years I’ve helped multiple businesses grow and expand their market share in various industries. I’m now a proud mum of 4, I own Lash Fame, a successful Lash + Brow Studio, an online retail store specialising in organisation tools, disposables and accessories for Lash Artists. I co-own Fame + Feisty, a Lash + Brow Academy and online retail store based in Brisbane where we’ve recently set up distribution for one of USA’s leading and most trusted Lash Brands, JBrand Beauty.

I absolutely love that my children see me living my dreams day to day and see my hard work and dedication paying off. I’m extremely passionate about helping and empowering other women, whether it’s making them feel good in my Salon or helping them build their own Empires, creating freedom and flexibility at our Academy.

Running multiple businesses with a young family definitely has it’s challenges, I’m a creative, so I’m always thinking about the next big thing, often my mind runs wild with ideas so setting boundaries within my business was essential for my home life. Being able to watch my children play sport, help with their homework, bath time etc has always been important to me.

Being nominated for this award has made me realise how far I’ve come and how much more I want to achieve – especially when it comes to helping other women/mothers create something amazing for themselves and their families.

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  1. Fran Cowley says:

    The first time I met Keilah she made me feel important, that I belong in the lash world. She was open with everything and really wanted to see me succeed. That’s what sets Keilah apart from everyone else, she wants to see girls reach their full potential she isn’t threatened by that she really applauds it.

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