Jennilee Pettit, Lash Envy Melbourne

Jennilee Pettit, Lash Envy Melbourne

February 21, 2020 2

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Why My Story deserves Me to win this award

I progressed through the ranks to become manager of the Oakleigh store, I earned  the respect of my team through offering my commitment, trust, support, willingness to help, and any guidance they require in/out of work. I have never taken a single sick day, worked through every problem, lead by example and drove the business to achieve massive success.

With 16 Lash artist of the month awards, 2 x Lash Artist of the year awards, along with having the highest sales records for the past 3 years, and continually make my personal targets week after week, and this contributes to smashing Salon budgets regularly.

Many members of my team have said that I am the epitome of “boss babe goals”, they strive to aspire to my achievements.

I challenged and demonstrated to them how to be the best Lash Artist’s they can be and to believe they’re capable of greatness. After 2 years of managing, I was then given the opportunity to co own a new store, after 11 months of owning and operating, I have grown and moulded a team of 4 currently, smashed out a record first year, all the while supporting my Fiancé who battled cancer for 14 months, And not once did that affect my work, the team and continued to grow a new business. My team is inspired by my dedication to them, the clients, my skill, my willingness to go above and beyond, and encouragement I give each member.

2 Responses

  1. Susan Papworth says:

    Best Ever

  2. Hilary Driver says:

    Fabulous worker and an ethical manageress. Love her work

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