Jennifer Tan de Jesus – The Lash Fairy

Jennifer Tan de Jesus – The Lash Fairy

March 2, 2020 0

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A mumpreneur to me is juggling life, finances, sanity and motherhood; whilst
maintaining and growing their own business.
I started my mumpreneurship by first becoming a mother. During maternity leave with
my eldest child, I resolved to leave my old job and establish my own business to allow
flexible hours to care for him. I started working weeknights and weekends during daddy
daycare hours. As my clientele grew and I worked at two locations, daycare was then
introduced. Appointments were available everyday, but were around swim classes and
other activities.
As the business grew, establishing a balance was tricky. I’d find myself overworked and
drowning in motherly guilt.Training and networking allowed me to build my industry
support network. They gave me the motivation and confidence to restructure my
business, to allow more time with the family, and time for myself.
My second child brought new challenges and new growth to my mumpreneurship. In
order to focus on caring for my newborn, I employed two staff members to cover for me.
I would handle the admin duties whenever I could. I’m now back at work “full-time” after
he turned 4 months, with appointments scheduled around my children’s needs and my
Looking back at where I started, I have grown so much as a wife, mother, lash artist and
business owner. I feel that we females can be independent and still nurture our own
families. I hope to give confidence and inspiration that you can build a career with

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