Cynthia Watson – Pixie Lash Artistry

Cynthia Watson – Pixie Lash Artistry

February 21, 2020 0

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Hi I’m Cynthia from Perth W.A. manager of Pixie lash artisty I find myself to be someone that pushes towards my goals even if I have the fear to really step out of my comfort zone I was suffering with major anxiety which would cause my whole body to hive up in big red blotches and start to slur my words but Last year Pixie gave me the opportunity to really help me achieve my goal to overcome my anxiety by becoming salon manager. Being manager has really changed me in the way that I have more confidence and can really show who I truly am meant to be.

I really do always try to give 110% in everything I do no matter if I’m going through personal issues or working long hours because every single day I am grateful for my position I am grateful for my amazing boss and I’m grateful for the team that we have. I absolutely love lashing it’s my passion! I’m showering I think about lashes, I’m driving I’m thinking about lashes, I’m sleeping and I think about Lashes.. it’s funny when I get asked “what is your dream job” my response is very simple and I respond with saying I’m currently doing my dream job because when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel like I’m going to work!

So My nomination given to me was because of being an amazing team member that always puts 110% everyday with kindness and recently as salon manager. This has filled me a strong sense of pride and I would like to thank Pixie for this honour.

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