Aleesha Passey – Pixie Lash Artistry

Aleesha Passey – Pixie Lash Artistry

February 21, 2020 0

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Hi I’m Aleesha,

I have been at pixie lash artistry for almost two years,
To win team member of the year award would mean a lot to me not just me but our salon as a team
because without them I couldn’t have achieved what I have been blessed to achieve so far, it would be
the validation of our combined efforts. For me personally I am always right by any of my girls side if
there is ever any conflict with clients un realistic expectations, its letting the girls know every time I fill
their work that it was the most beautiful infill I have done today because of their work from the time
before, its sharing what I have learnt and can also learn from them no matter how long they have been
lashing for because no body is perfect and no matter how long you have been lashing for there is always
more to learn from any level of experience, our team knows I always have their back and I know they
will always have mine

I don't call what we do work because when you work in such a fun supportive environment and when
you love what you do is it ever really work

I have my dream job and as much effort as I give everyday its never enough I can never give enough
back to pixie or the girls because working with them I feel like I have won the lotto.

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