Gold Coast

20-22 March

Join the biggest
Lash event in Queensland

The Australian Lash Open is a 3 day event full of fun, educational and inspiring happenings.
A Lash Haven where you can come and learn from some of the world’s most sought for mentors, educators and influencers.
We would like to invite you to be one of only 120 guests to come to this beautiful event in the Gold Coast 20-22 March 2020.

Conference 20 March

Lash conferences are addictive.

This one is extra special. We have invited 12 international and Australian Lash Entrepreneurs to share their inspiring stories, and share some of their secrets that took them to where they are today.

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Lash Competitions 21-22 March

Live competitions behind closed doors.

We know it may be scary, but joining an Eyelash Extension competition will help your career, make you grow as a Lash Artist, and with blind judging, no one will actually need to know you are there!

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21-22 March


Take the opportunity to attend a 3h class with your favorite mentor.
The workshops will run parallel to the competitions on day 2 and 3 of Lash Open.

Business training

Take your business to the next level. These mentors will share their secret to success and give you some great tools on how to implement to your own business.

Marketing sessions

Algorithms are constantly changing. Business is declining, but why?
Learn some marketing tips to get on top of the marketing funnel.

Technique upskill

Struggling with your fanning technique? Retention issues? Want to learn something new?

Join a technique class and up your game.

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Open Mic – be a speaker for a day

Unique to the Australian Lash Open is the Open Mic event.
Held in a smaller conference room (with a bar), high table and a mingle type of atmosphere, you can try your wings in front of a small audience.

Get discovered by other Lash Conference organisers and make yourself a name. Take the mic for 20-30 minutes and get feedback from our Lash Open coaches Dee and Steve Moore from B.O.S.S.

Venue & Accommodation

The Australian Lash Open 2020 is being held at Twin Towns resort on the southern end of the Gold Coast, on the border of Queensland and New South Vales.

We have organised some great deals on rooms at Mantra Twin Towns.


Awards Night & Gala Dinner

Join the festivities and mingle with your favorite mentors and Lash buddies.
The Gala Dinner will be held at Twin Town’s Gala Event room with views overlooking the Tweed harbour and Coolangatta beaches.

Gala Dinner

Dress to impress! Join our 3 course Gala Dinner and Awards night.

Awards Ceremony

Price ceremony for winner, second, third in each of the Live and Online competitions.

Introducing new unique industry award categories; Lash Husband of the Year, Mumpreneur of the Year and Most Incredible Lash story are some of our unique categories. We believe anyone deserves to be recognized, so we have put a little twist on our categories.

Lash Art presentation

Come and see the wonderful creations from the Fantasy/Lash Art category.


From 1st November 2019 you will be able to nominate into the Lash Open Categories.
Nominations will close January 31. Finalists will be announced February 1st 2020.

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